Anthropology is a way of seeing, a lens by which to dissect the world around us.
Though an imperfect lens, it gives while it takes away. It grants partial insight
while adding complexity. The following recordings detail our class’ experiences with
this lens. The speakers examine both what they see and the way they see it. These are stories about the alienation that anthropology can bring—the sense of being an outsider
viewing our world. Also, these stories critique the norms of our everyday lives.
Finally, they examine some of the issues to which contemporary anthropology
attends: such as the intersections of identities, the nature of the gaze, and the role
we, as anthropologists, play in society. These stories, written by members of our
Anthropology Capstone, come from a range of perspectives and we hope they
give you a small slice of the diversity that is anthropology at Guilford College.  Please

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