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Anthropology is a way of seeing, a lens by which to dissect the world around us. Though an imperfect lens, it gives while it takes away. It grants partial insight while adding complexity. The following recordings detail our class’ experiences … Continue reading

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Simplicity and the Macbook Air.

While studying in the library one afternoon, Charles looked up from his work and noticed a Macbook Air with sticker that read “live more simply”.  In this discussion Charles attempts to unpack this apparent contradiction using ideas articulated in a … Continue reading

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Hugh reflects on his position as a tourist

Describing his recent visit to a massacre site in Guatemala, Hugh discusses shifting focus from the site itself to the manner he and other tourists interacted with it. 

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Chris and the THUNDERDOME

  Chris discusses his days as a teenage football player on a youth league.  Since gaining knowledge through his SOAN degree, Chris has been able to apply more complex and deep analysis of the situations he was faced with while … Continue reading

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Sam and the power of relativity

Sam articulates his understanding of cultural relativity and how the concept has become a crucial component of his world view. 

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Carly recounts an interesting occurrence at an Italian festival

After perceiving racism in a bizarre Italian festival, Carly Fishkin talks about how being raised in America makes us much more aware of race than other places in the world. 

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Jason speaks of the experience of baptism at a Baptist church

After years of attending a Baptist church, the speaker begins to understand things and interpret them very differently through the use of the anthropological gaze.  Viewing events more critically, he uncovers the exotic in his everyday life.

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